- From A of Advertising to H of Harmony

Harmony Multimedia

Harmony Multimedia, a 360° advertising solution provider, is a fully creative agency addicted to creating ideas, transforming your brand into truly fine creative communications.

With offices in Surat, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata, Harmony has offered creative services to some of the region's most recognized local and national brands, including Pan Parag, Rupa, Khaitan, Prafful, Parag, Vipul, Badshah Masala, Euro, Nilon's, B-Tex, Rajhans, Nmart Retails, Sumeet, Hi-Tech, Evershine, Paris, SISA, and SUMUL.

Some of these services include Advertising, Media Solutions, Out Of Home Advertising (OOH), Events, Designing Solutions, Below the Line Activation (BTL) and Branding Solutions.

rajesh desai
rajesh desai

Harmony's history starts with Mr. Rajesh Desai (RD), the visionary of this small creative world. It was the result of his dreams and determination that Harmony came into existence. And today, growing on his feed, Harmony is like a Big Idea Home where Creativity Never Sleeps.



Born in East Africa RD was the most pampered child in his joint family of 13 siblings. When asked about his days over there, he remembers some faint pictures of the civil war and playing with the guns of militants.

But due to increasing hotness of the war they had to at last evacuate Zanzibuag in South Africa leaving all their savings and assets behind.

Home Coming

Settling down in India once again was not a cake walk but his parents made ends meet for their children. It was the time of mid 80's when India was still to witness most of the inventions and people had fewer things to entertain themselves, thus he indulged into lots of books.

Books his first love

It was at a very young age that he was done with reading all Gujarati classic writers and soon started the Hindi ones. During this he always wished to learn reading English and thought it to be a distant possibility. In order to meet this possibility he started learning English in std. 8th, and then it was no looking back. From that day till now he has been an ardent reader.

He says, "Reading Hindi, English and Gujarati works from acclaimed writers has always helped him in his career."

Explored Creativity in his Blood

He has always been very keen about his career and hence pursued various degrees of education. After completing his BSc in Physics he went for MSc from an acclaimed university of India, MS University. To hone himself further he did MBA from Symbiosis.

He identified his creative skills while studying as his friends often came to him to get their assignments done in flowery words. But he never thought then that one day he will own an ad agency of his own. During his student life something that attracted him the most was a job at TIMES OF INDIA, which he actually got even before completing his MBA.

From A of Advertising to H of Harmony

It was from TIMES OF INDIA that his friendship with advertising started because it was the department he was recruited in.

With the "dream big" attitude and hands-on experience at TOI, RD started Harmony Multimedia with his love, his wife Mrs. Amishee Desai. And rest is history.

The Name has a story behind it!!!

He has got a story behind why he named his Ad agency, HARMONY. Let me tell it to you in his very words… "I and my wife Amishee were brain storming since days what should we name our ad agency. We were not able to decide it even after long discussion. Then one fine morning Amishee got up and said, "We should name it Harmony", as that's what she named it in her dreams." Preaching THE WORD, he always tries to bring Harmony in the life of each brand he touches.

The Unstoppable Start

He started it with Financial Advertising and gradually moved towards Product & Service Advertising. The move was not an outcome of a day, behind it there was unprecedented hard work and unimaginable ups and downs.

His love for his work has resulted into lot many path breaking ads & concepts. Some of them are…

SARI MEIN SARI… Parag Sari, which made everyone wear sari saying the same to flaunt their saris.

Pan Parag "The Choice of Young India"

Subah ke 9 baj gaye Pan Parag khaya kya

Ab Mobile Bikega to Bhatia se hi Bikega

The Story is still spinning…

He expanded his Business by starting an Out of Home Solutions Agency under the brand name Symphony and is now shaping the dreams of his son Harshil Desai, a budding Photographer, by starting his very own Studio HD Photography.

Things don't end here...

His very new endeavour RD INC  will prove to be a born to world of Advertising & Marketing.


Harmony aims and works at bringing the best possible solutions to each of its clients' communication needs, thereby bringing full satisfaction to them and paving path for its further advancement.

Our Vision

To build your brand, your organization & in the process build ourselves, our work, our institution to a world-class level, thereby creating a distinct identity in the world of advertising with highly creative and effective Marketing Communication strategies and solutions & becoming the most sought after Branding Solutions Agency.

Our Mission

To polish ourselves each day, enhancing our passion, creativity, deliverance, and delivering the most creative solutions to all our client needs so that each coming day we can emerge as a Brighter Sparkling Diamond.


- Harmony Builds Brands

The context of brand building has changed big time… all thanks to the changing demographics, better connectivity, more empowerment in the hands of the consumers, more value-conscious buyers and higher competition across categories. Today all possible entry points have to be touched… a 360˚ Campaign is needed.

Harmony, with the advantage of being a 360° advertising solution provider builds brands beautifully, boldly and brilliantly…

Our Extended Family...


- Harmony's Mind, Body and Soul

Creativity Never Sleeps. Harmony builds brands Beautifully, Boldly, Brriliantly

Clients we've worked with

  • panparag
  • badshah
  • khaitan
  • hi-tech
  • vipul
  • dinesh
  • praful
  • b-tex
  • linc
  • euro
  • parag
  • nmart
  • nilons
  • sisa
  • dharashana
  • sumeet
  • rupa
  • solarism
  • synergy
  • rajhans

  • dmd
  • sumul
  • euro-kids
  • evershine
  • crystal-priceline
  • lords
  • yoko
  • havmore
  • humpty-dumpty
  • jivraj
  • jumbo
  • enjoy
  • happyhearts
  • manjula
  • navin
  • paris
  • shradhha_inn
  • bhatia
  • devashis

Our work says a lot about us. Passionate about all we do.

Since last 10 years harmony is providing diversified services in the field of advertising communications with offices and tie-ups across India with specialized functions in advertising media, out of home(OOH), PR (Public Relations), rural, retail, entertainment, events and many more...

harmony work


- Harmony's Unique Selling Proposition


Current openings

1) Receptionist / Secretary (Good English Speaking & Letter Drafting)

2) Professional web-designer ( Experience 1 To 2 Years )

3) E-commerce Website Developer ( Experience 3 to 4 Years )

4) Graphic Artists (Designers) : ( Experience 4 to 5 years )

5) Editors : ( Experience 2 to 3 Years )

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